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Hi, I’m Swarnadeep,

Marketing Manager

Strategic and hands-on marketing professional with 4 years of experience in digital marketing, content creation, digital strategy, email marketing, marketing for user journey, paid advertising, branding, and partnerships. I have worked on multiple B2B and B2C projects including SaaS, EdTech, management consulting, and FinTech. Highly driven and motivated, empathetic, and goal-oriented all zealous marketer.


Worked in a FinTech startup that works with B2B products related to embedded finance, payment solutions, BNPL, banking APIs, and more.

Developed and implemented digital marketing strategies to drive awareness via multitudes of digital platforms, creating and launching campaigns on LinkedIn and Google. Developed content strategy for web and social. Designing and executing campaigns utilizing effective email marketing and digital advertising channels. Used Google Analytics & Data Studio to analyze traffic, increase lead generation, and improve conversions.

Generated a 20% increase in inbound b2b leads, and 72% in LinkedIn engagement.


Within the dynamic sphere of B2B SaaS operational excellence, my portfolio reflects an instrumental role in driving transformative change. I led a comprehensive rebranding endeavor, shaping the company’s website, social presence, and brand templates to resonate with its global enterprise clientele. Crafting campaign-specific landing pages, I significantly contributed to expanding the customer base while spearheading content creation and paid campaigns across various platforms. With a keen understanding of our products, I curated bespoke campaigns for LinkedIn and Google advertising, consistently generating buzz, leads, and fostering brand growth. This portfolio epitomizes my commitment to driving operational efficiency and strategic growth in the B2B SaaS landscape.